Success Cases

RIO 2011 • 5th Military World Games From CISM

Mega Energia was the official supplier of generator for the facilities of the military world games in Rio de Janeiro. Winner of the official bid for supplying approximately 50 generators of different powers, Mega Energia assured that the different venues and the three athlete’s villages would function without interruptions.

TRANSOESTE • Rio de Janeiro

Mega Energia supplied energy to different parts of the construction of Transoeste, a 56 km and 53 BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stations express road that will connect Barra da Tijuca to Santa Cruz. Hired by the Odebrecht Transoeste consortium, Mega Energia supplied about 2,000 kVa in generators only on the drilling phase of the Grota Funda tunnel.


Hired by Wellstream, a multinational Company specialized in the production of technology to the oil exploration in great depths, Mega Energia supplied 5.5 mVA to assure the continuity of the Company operations at Ilha da Conceição (Island), in Niterói. Five 1,000 kVA duogen generators and one 500 kVA generator worked together for 15 days. Mega Energia's specialized technical teams assured the unstopping operation of the generators (24/7)

VALE • Cia Portuária da Baía de Sepetiba

Mega Energia Supplied 4 1,000 Kva duogen generators, working together in a 13.8 kV voltage, together with all installation, preventive and corrective maintenance workforce, besides supplying fuel. The maintenance of the Vale CPBS substation happened without incidents and more important, without interruption to the energy supply of this renowned Company.


Petrobras trusted its nobreaks tests to Mega Energia´s load banks. The equipment were installed at Petrobras headquarters at Av. Chile, with a total of 2 load banks with capacity of 640 kW each. Since it is an underground facility, besides the transportation to the facility with Mega Energia´s own munck trucks fleet, horizontal transportations were made and forklifts were used.


Transreta was hired by the Porto do Rio consortium to a thorough project where we managed to set the crane on a difficult access place and to lift a dump box at a depth of 120 meters and unload them on the container to the final routing of the residues.


Classified with an "E" (Excellent) level on Petrobrás's supplier’s network, Transreta supplied different equipment, from large cranes (500 ton) to small brothersons to execute services in places of limited access.


Complementing the excellent performance of services of cargo lifting, Transreta executes horizontal cargo transportation with all the safety required to such activity.


Transreta supplied Odebrecht with 3 (three) cranes for the construction of Ships.


Among the suppliers from Vale do Rio Doce, Mega Energia is rated as excellent, and operates for years at the Company´s mines supplying transportation and the spread of the final product in an overall movement that exceeded 460,000 tons/month.


Acknowledging its recognition in the market, Transreta was always hired by the largest Companies of the private sector to execute construction where well developed and high reliability rigging projects are required due to specific characteristics of each project and the tight schedule of the works.